The shop was created by Zosia & Ania with a lot of commitment and with all their heart. Zosia is an extremely talented enthusiast of needlework, who is unparalleled by her great talent and passion for what she does. Ania, as a professional newborn photographer with many years of experience, knows and perfectly understands the needs of people behind the camera and who photographing the youngest models. She also weaves macrame, carpets, ornaments and string decorations.


Using our knowledge and experience in newborn photography, we create styles that add charm and emphasize the uniqueness of each newborn session. Our stylizations are beautiful and simple in a positive sense, thanks to this they emphasize what is most important in newborn photography - the innocence and beauty of each photographed baby.

In our work, it is important for us to provide unique designs in beautiful color ranges and with unique patterns, while maintaining the highest quality and taking care of every detail. Before we create a project, we wonder if it will be comfortable, safe and visually attractive and when it will be used during the session will not "outshine" the baby, because he is the most important in the session. Ania, as a newborn photographer, also tests clothes in practice to make sure that they are properly designed and beautifully presented on pictures.

We make sure that our clothes not only look nice, but also are pleasant to the child's skin and most importantly, do not cause irritation or discomfort. The yarns we use in our work are the highest quality yarns and are certified by Oeko-Tex® certification and TÜV Cert ISO 9001:2008 Quality System.


As our business grew, we decided to create something more than just props for the session. And so began our adventure with weaving macrame, creating boho-style home accessories or crocheting decorations for the living room, kitchen or dining room. We put all our heart and commitment into each product, we take care of every, even the smallest detail. Our work and continuous development give us great satisfaction and happiness.

We are glad that so many clients have already trusted us. And although we are based in Poland, our products have already gone not only to various European countries, but also to CanadaUSA, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.